The grant money for this project comes from the climate bill passed by the Congress not Kamala Harris. You make it sound like she came to the state and wrote a personal check. That money as all government funded projects comes from tax payers.

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Totally agree! What also frustrates me is (at least where I live) the "burn day or not" decision is based on weather quite some distance away and in an entirely different terrain and wind patterns. It's also partially based on air quality. I get that, no one wants to breathe smoke. But I'd rather breathe a little and have a healthier forest than breathe a lot of it later and have uncontrolled fire with loss of habitat, homes, and life.

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I grew up in southern California with the “Double Sided Record” (45 rpm type of record) that proclaimed : Side A –“Due to the heavy rains this year, we will have a bad fire season” and Side B – “Due to the lack of rain this year, we will have a bad fire season”. My research in San Diego county, CA shows no correlation between winter rains and summer acres burned in chaparral.

This year has the potential to be the worst fire season in history, just like all the other years.

We must restore fire to the system.


Bob Eisele

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