Fires is a newsletter about how wildland fires historically occurred in the United States, how they were interrupted, and what interruption has cost us. From the arrival of settlers in California and the eschewing of vital Indigenous fire practices, to the flip-flopping of policy…
Hello Friends, I’m writing to let you know that FIRES is paused for the next month while I finish my book (about wildland fire!) so I can turn it in to…
Plus, evacuation orders
and the promised classification of “firefighter”
Hi! This is the second of two parts. You can read the first part HERE. As always, if you learned something here, please consider becoming a paying…
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The importance of prescribed fire, plus, it's fire season and federal wildland firefighters still aren't being paid enough
Dear Fires Subscribers, I am excited to say that FIRES is coming back this Wednesday, May 25th. I am aiming to send out a newsletter twice a week at…
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The Land Desk
The Land Desk
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